I pooed myself after boyfriend left me in his car – I tried to hide it but was left mortified | The Sun

A WOMAN has confessed that she POOED herself when her boyfriend left her in his car – and then tried to hide the soiled seat covers.

The gobsmacking story was discussed on the Glaswegian podcast Girls Overheard after she sent in an anonymous message.

And, to make her experience even worse, she was caught out by her partner who questioned where the seat covers went and where the smell came from.

The story left the show's hosts in fits of awkward giggles after she shared the details of the situation, which took place years ago.

Co-host Eilidh Wells read out the story on the show from the message which said: "I have a poo story if you're interested."

After some laughter from the girls, she continued: "I've been seeing this guy for a few months when one day he asked me if I'd go with him to price up a job, then go for food afterwards.

"So we drove to a village where he met his potential customer and parked just off the busy main road.

"The job is to repair some boundary walls that belong to the church, so it meant trekking through farmers' fields.

"My boyfriend told me I could just wait in his car. After about 20 minutes I started getting stomach pains, but I tried to ignore them.

"After an hour, the pains were crippling, my mouth was full of saliva because I felt so sick, too.

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"I looked around and there was nowhere I could go, we were parked just off a busy road and there was no hedges or anything I could hide behind.

"I considered trying to walk back to the village, but I a) doubted there would be any toilets and b) doubted I would have made it.

"So I looked around the car and there was an empty carrier bag".

Knowing what was coming next, co-host Lauren Kerr chimed in: "Listen, you've got to work with what you've got".

But things took a sudden turn for the worse as Eilidh continued: "It was so desperate at this point I knew I had to s*** in the bag, then I could just throw the bag away.

"But it didn't go to plan.

"As soon as I manoeuvred into position to catch my poo in the bag, I realised it wasn't a poo – it was a mighty diarrhoea."

Third co-host Ash Reid and Lauren covered their faces and feared what was coming next for the poor woman.

Eilidh carried on: "As soon as those floodgates opened, my body pushed without permission and outshot the most stinking, vile and hugest amount of s**** I've ever seen.

"Well of course it didn't all go in the bag, it was all over the passenger seat, all over my jeans, knickers, a*** and thighs.

"It was at thigh point I could see them walking over the hill back towards me.

"So I pulled my jeans up, which was horrendous because I had s*** all over me, then I had about a minute to do something with the mess.

"Thankfully he had seat covers on so I whipped it off, rolled it up and stashed it in the carrier bag that contained some of my s****.

Lauren and Ash burst into awkward giggles as the dilemma continued.

Eilidh said: "I did it just in time for him to jump in, as soon as he did his face gave away that he knew something was wrong.

"He looked at me and said, 'What the f*** is that smell? Where has my seat cover gone?'

"I burst into tears and told him he'd left me for too long and I'd become really sick."

Ash burst into laughter and added: "Like a dog! 'You left me for too long'!"

Eilidh added: "I was absolutely dying from shame and embarrassment and told him to take me home, and I cried all the way home from the shame.

"After disposing of the carrier bag he was lovely about it though and still takes the p*** out of eight years later – it didn't put him off, he's not my husband!"

The story was met with laughter by fans on TikTok, as they raced to the comments to share their horrified reactions.

One person joked: "And they lived happily ever after!"

Another added: "I would have faked my own death".

Someone else said: "Nah it’s like a dog getting held in the boot in the Asda car park" with a strong of laughing faces.

A fourth posted: "I nearly never stayed until the end of the video from second-hand embarrassment. But glad she got her happy ever after" with more laughing faces.

While a fifth chimed in: "NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO".

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