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A WOMAN with big boobs has opened up about the struggles she often faces – from getting hate from other girls to unwanted attention from men.

The big-boobed girl explained that although she loves her breasts, they cause her rib pain and bad posture, as well as boob sweat. 

Theresa, who posts on TikTok under the username @theresa_vogrin, took to the video sharing platform to open up about the problems that come with having large boobs.

She shared her clip with the caption ‘I love my thwomps but life’s not always peachy as a big thwomp owner.’

The social media user then listed the problems that arise with having such a large chest, as she explained: “Can’t find clothes that fit your boobs and waist at the same time.

“Struggle when running and jumping.

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“Have rib pain.”

Not only this, but Theresa explained that she finds it challenging to know if men are interested in her for her, or because of her bra size, as she continued: “Don’t know if guys only like you because of your boobs.

“Feel self-conscious about your curves.

“Get hate from other girls.”

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Not only is hate from others a problem, she also explained that having big boobs causes her back pain and clothing struggles too, as she added: “Have back pain.

“Can’t find affordable bras in your size.

“Struggle going strapless or backless.

“Have bad posture.

“Can’t find cute, affordable bikinis in your size.

“Have seat belt problems.”

As well as this, the social media user explained that her chest makes her look larger than she is and causes unwanted sweating too.

She claimed: “Look bigger than you are.

“Have boob sweat.

“Get unwanted attention from strangers.” 

Theresa’s clip has clearly resonated with many, as her video has quickly amassed a whopping 69,000 views.

It has 2,313 likes, 21 comments and 135 saves.

Many social media users agreed with Theresa and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “I agree with everything ESPECIALLY WITH RUNNING AND JUMPING.” 

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Another agreed: “It's tough out here.” 

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