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YES WE know everyone is looking for ways to dry their clothes this winter without having to put the tumble dryer on.

Often, people use a bog-standard drying rack and hope their clothes will dry in a few days.

But one cleaning expert has revealed the clever way to make sure your clothes do actually dry using a rack and it will make them dry even quicker.

Cleaning and organisation expert, Neat Caroline, shared the simple hack on TikTok.

"Are your clothes taking forever to air dry?" She asked.

The cleaning expert suggested that draping your clothes next to each other would mean they take longer to dry.


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Instead, she advised hanging your clothes on coat hangers and placing the hooks on the rack.

She added: "not only does this allow for faster drying time because there's more air flow between the clothes but it maximises space allowing you to dry more clothes at once."

Although the trick may be easy, viewers were blown away by the shear simplicity and effectiveness.

One wrote: "I always see my mom do this. I guess mom knows best!"

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Another person commented: "So simple yet genius!"

"My clothes hanger works great too," claimed a third.

The cleaning expert also shared how to get an item of clothing to dry in super-speed time if you're in a rush.

She shared the hack over on TikTok and revealed how a towel can speed up drying time by hours.

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