I’m a cleaning pro & there’s a tool you should always have in your kit, it’s cheap and gets so many things spotless | The Sun

IF YOU have an induction hob, you’ll know the pain of trying to get the grime off in one piece without breaking your back scrubbing. 

But one person, a cleaning professional, has finally shared the secret to getting countless things spotless while using minimal effort to do it. 

Taking to social media, the Australian woman showed off her safety blade, which can be bought in the UK for as little as £3 from Amazon. 

Wearing black gloves, she unscrewed the top to show it off as she said: “This is one of the handiest tools we have in our cleaning business. 

“And they only cost around $7 (£3.75)”. 

She then removed the razor and produced a box of brand new ones to replace it with. 


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“It’s called a safety blade or a scraper,” she continued. “And we use it for lots of different things when doing our exit cleans.”

Securing the new blade in, she went on to demonstrate its use by scraping the grime off an induction hob. 

She continued: “Here is the safety blade in action and it’s just so satisfying, it’s like the cleaning equivalent of running a pair of scissors through wrapping paper. 

“I just love how easy it is to get the gunk off. But if you’re starting your own cleaning business, make sure you have this in your tool kit.”

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“It saves so much time,” she added while wiping the counter off. 

In the caption, she wrote: “We use this safety blade to clean so many things. Stovetops, ovens, pans, windows and so much more”. 

Viewers were quick to the flock to the comments of the TikTok video, sharing their love of the product while asking some more questions over it. 

“What else od h use it for,” [sic] one person quizzed, to which she answered: “Windows, shower screens, tiles ovens, oven doors and pans just to name a few”. [sic] 

Another said: “First time I used it yesterday and it works like a charm”. 

A third asked: “Are there any surfaces that this tool can’t be used on? As in it will damage or scratch”. [sic] 

@cleanlikeapro replied: “Painted surfaces, laminate tops, wood floors, plastic surfaces, be careful with stainless steel”. 

While another questioned: “Does it make Scratch marks?” [sic] to which she responded: “Nope. Many cooktop manufacturers sell these tools for cleaning”. 

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