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WHEN standard-issue deodorants don't beat your body odor, there's one dermatologist-approved solution.

Experts revealed that a common ingredient in acne treatments is a great way to stick it to BO this summer.

According to dermatologists who spoke to The Zoe Report, your sweat doesn't smell, but the bacteria left behind after a long, hot day can make you stink.

To stop your underarms from developing an odor, you need to eliminate those bacteria, which is where glycolic acid comes in.

You might use glycolic acid already to brighten your skin, exfoliate rough spots, or prevent acne, but it can do so much more.

“It is thought that glycolic may help address body odor by lowering the pH of the skin and thus, making it less likely for bacteria to survive,” Dr Brendan Camp of MDCS Dermatology told the outlet.


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“By lowering the bacterial burden on the skin, glycolic acid may help reduce body odor," he added.

Body odor can develop anywhere you have a lot of moisture and limited airflow.

Your underarms, feet, and groin are all prime real estate for bacteria, but avoid applying glycolic acid to delicate skin around your pubic region.

According to the experts, glycolic acid can also improve the feel and appearance of your underarms.

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The exfoliating properties of the ingredient can lessen hyperpigmentation, prevent razor bumps, and stop ingrown hairs.

If you want to swap your normal deodorant for glycolic acid, make sure you're a good candidate for it first.

Dr Camp said you shouldn't use the acid under your arms if you receive laser hair removal treatment, because the heavy-duty hair removal can make your skin more sensitive.

Similarly, you should avoid applying the acid after waxing or shaving – it could lead to irritation.

If you're in the clear, then you can swipe glycolic acid on with a cotton pad and allow it to dry.

“At first you can apply a lower concentration of 5 to 7 percent every other day,” dermatologist Dr Azadeh Shirazi said.

After that, you can up the concentration if necessary. Keep in mind that glycolic acid doesn't function as an anti-perspirant.

You might not stink, but you'll definitely keep sweating your normal amount, the experts warned.

On days where you need to avoid pit stains, skip the acid and go for a standard combination deodorant and antiperspirant product.

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