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WEDDING season has begun and that means getting dressed up. 

The rules for weddings have changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

Women often wear suits whilst the blokes can be seen in pastels and even shorts. 

But the relaxed dressed codes still don’t make getting an outfit together any easier. 

Do you wear a dress or a co-ord? A hat or hair band? A block or a stiletto heel?
It can be stressful. 

But there are a few looks you should avoid when attending someone's nuptials. 

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Here Fabulous’ Fashion Editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what you should avoid at weddings. 


To be clear, a small cut-out or two is fine, but turning up to a wedding in a thread bare frock isn’t going to go down well. 

Kendall Jenner received huge backlash when she was seen in a multi-cut out dress at her pals wedding. 

Followers commented on the model's look saying it was “inappropriate” and “cringe”, two words you wouldn't want to be called by fellow guests at a wedding. 

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White dresses should never be worn by guests at weddings.Credit: Getty

Let the woman have her day and don’t wear white – or cream. 

If you’re going to a wedding, likelihood is you’re a close friend of the bride so don’t turn a day that is all about her into a day where your friendship ends. 

One woman was dubbed the “worst wedding guest ever” by taking it one step further and wearing an actual bridal gown to her pals' nuptials. 

A white or cream dress with a colourful or monochrome pattern is fine, just make sure the majority of your outfit isn’t the same colour as the brides. 


Low slung waists and crop tops seem to be everywhere thanks to the return on noughties trends that we thought we’d said goodbye to. 

But there’s a time and a place and a wedding isn’t one of them. 

Whilst you may look amazing in the outfit you might still the attention away from the bride when everyone does a double take at you arriving in what could be a bikini top.

If you can’t resist the urge, remember to opt for a long-line top and high waisted trousers to eliminate so much on show.


See-through dresses are loved by celebrities like Florence Pugh and Emily Ratajkowski and are a hit on the high street, but not for weddings. 

Bridal gowns with sheer inserts and detailing are hugely popular, so similar to avoiding white you should avoid sheer so you don’t clash with the bride. 

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Plus they the general rule is to be polite and not wear anything that's going to be more eye-catching than the bride.

One guest was slammed for doing exactly that when she wore a see-through dress to a friend's big day. 

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