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WITH a long-sleeve under a sweater, a tied scarf, and fuzzy gloves, you've got one more layer to go – the jacket, and it's the bulkiest item.

Winter coats can often be twice your size, even without anything underneath, but there's one belt trick to make you look slimmer.

Even though the comfort of a ton of layers is worth it in the cold weather, a bulky coat never feels flattering.

When you can't move your arms above your shoulders, and your whole upper body is stiff, you question your decision to go outside.

But as school and work continue through the winter, your routine of wearing a cumbersome coat does too.

Luckily, one TikTok user shared her hack to make an oversized coat slimmer.


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Kristina Kacheeva posted a video revealing how she uses a simple tying trick to take some weight off a coat.

However, her trick only works if your jacket has a belt that you tie.

First, she shows her brown trench coat tied around her waist in the front.

When her coat is tied this way, the front and sides look frump because the belt scrunches all the material together.

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Kristina unties the belt in the front and ties it around her back.

"This will help to accentuate your waist," she admits.

"And look slimmer."

Although this doesn't work for zip-up puffer jackets, there are a few tips to make your appearance look less inflated when wearing these.

You can pair a cropped puffer jacket with form-fitting bottoms such as skinny jeans, leggings, bodycon maxi skirts, or yoga pants.

Additionally, you can wear light layers underneath and substitute a beanie hat for your scarf to decrease the bulkiness of your body.

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