I’m a fashion stylist, there’s four types of shoe that go with wide leg trousers plus those you should NEVER put on | The Sun

NOW that wide leg trousers are all the rage, fashion lovers are having trouble with what to pair them with.

But a fashion stylist has come to their aid, and revealed that while there are some styles of shoe that will never go with the look like they did with your skinny’s, there are plenty that do. 

Fashion stylist and expert Liz Teich uploaded a new video for her social media followers, which she titled: “The best shoes to wear with wide leg pants (and what NOT to wear).”

She then launched into her list, giving her TikTok followers at @thenewyorkstylist some much-appreciated tips. 

First up, she said that there’s one type of boot that should be totally avoided. 

Liz explained: “When pairing with boots, avoid round toes which can look very heavy with this look.

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Instead, she said one simple change can change and elevate the whole ensemble. 

Liz continued: “So opt for something more pointed – whether it’s a pointy toe or an almond shaped toe.”

The second type of shoe Liz focused on was heels, as she revealed her strict rule to make the wide leg look work.

She went on to say: “When it comes to heels, an open toe is great, as well as a pointed toe.

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“But make sure that the heel is not too high compared to the pants – you want it to go all the way down.”

Meanwhile, moving on to loafers, Liz maintained that only one type of loafer really matches the trousers – and thick, chunky soles are not the way forward.

She explained: “When pairing with loafers, avoid a lug sole – this can look really chunky and heavy.

“Instead, opt for a flat loafer which looks a lot sleeker.”

Liz also added in the comment section that trainers and Converse get a huge tick when paired with the trousers.

But she had a word of warning for those who wanted to do so.

She wrote: “Those are awesome with it! Love sneakers (as long as not chunky!)”

The American stylist then rounded off her video by giving out her final tip on styling wide leg trousers.

She said: “No matter what shoes you pair with your wide leg pants, make sure that it has balance with the colour.”

Liz then used an example of wearing a black top, beige trousers and white sandals.

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But she showed how it immediately looked better when changed for a simple white tee that balanced out the white shoes. 

She concluded: “So change your shirt or your shoes if it feels off.”

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