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DO you always plan to make homemade desserts but never get around to it? 

Luckily, a mum has shared her lazy recipe for cheat’s banoffee pie that takes just two minutes to prepare but tastes as good as the real thing. 

Social media user and parent Food Made Simple has built up an impressive following of 974.8k TikTok followers thanks to their easy to follow foodie guides. 

And their latest was one of their best yet as Food Made Simple, who can be found via their profile @foodmadesimple, shared their recipe for banoffee pie.

And it really couldn’t be easier and includes only a few ingredients. 

Food Made Simple filmed a step-by-step video of her showing exactly how it’s done. 

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Alongside the post, they wrote: “My kids love this simple banoffee pie which only takes 2 minutes to make.”

They then launched into the method, as they began by saying you need to take some stroopwafels and place them in a muffin tin or something similar.

Next, take a packet of pre-prepared custard and put a generous helping on each.

Top this with some sliced bananas and a slab of caramel filled chocolate.

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Once your ‘banoffee pie’ is layered, simply put into the oven on a medium-high temperature until the chocolate has melted.

This is usually around 3-5 minutes in total.

Then serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which will complement the dish perfectly. 

After Food Made Simple – who recently launched another TikTok account called Dessert Made Simple – uploaded the video, fellow social media users went wild for the idea.

One impressed TikToker wrote: “Genius!!!”

A second said: “OMG, look at this!”

A third then joined the foodie conversation, as they added: “Want!”

Meanwhile, others tagged family and friends in the post as they encouraged one another to make the dish at home. 

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One commented: “An easy recipe for your fave dessert.”

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