I’m a furniture flipper, I found a table in the street, fixed it up, put it on Facebook Marketplace and sold it for $200

A WOMAN shared how she took an old disheveled table and spruced it up only to make $200 selling it online.

Nayiri Apkarian found a free table that had been discarded by its original owners and took it home to show it some TLC.

She then cleaned, mended and styled the furniture to make it look like a chic coffee table.

The savvy up-cycler uploaded the short clip to TikTok with the caption: "It’s the 200% profit for me."

The table was sold on Facebook marketplace and was snapped up in less than 48 hours for $200.

Nayiri, who "flips" furniture as a side hustle,joked in the comments that she had been tempted to keep the money-making piece for herself.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to praise her handiwork, one said: "This is amazing! Love the styling for the photos too!"

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