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NOW summer is just around the corner, many Brits will be out getting their garden ready for the warmer months.

But one gardening expert has revealed the four lawn mistakes that could spell disaster for your grass this summer.

Joe Handley, outdoor product marketing manager at Black + Decker, has shared the four most common DIY garden mistakes Britons are revealed how to avoid the mistakes.

The first mistake made was leaving grass cuttings on the lawn once you've finished mowing it.

Leaving it for too long can cause Thatch, a layer of dead grass that prevents water and air reaching the soil.

Speaking to the Express, he said: "To avoid thatch build-up you must mow the lawn regularly particularly when the grass isn’t super long as this produces shorter clippings that decompose much quicker. 


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“For home gardens, it’s better to have a mower that will catch and collect the trimmings, so as not to leave them behind.”

If not, use a rake to pick the grass clippings up.

Next, the gardening expert revealed many people cut the grass too short.

This can lead to grass being destroyed, so it's always best to keep grass slightly on the longer side.

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While it might sound like a good idea to use a pressure washer to get rid of weeds, it can result in damaging your patio and lawn.

Joe explained: "I would recommend first choosing a suitable weed killer product designed for use on patios or hard surfaces and once the weeds have died off, use the light setting of a pressure washer to remove any debris from in between the patio slabs.

"Make sure not to damage the slabs further by using too much pressure or an incorrect nozzle for the job.”

Finally, Joe revealed one DIY job Brits often mess up, and it's all to do with wooden furniture.

He revealed that many forget to sand wood down before painting it, a vital step to ensure the paint job lasts.

The gardening pro added: “Firstly, start off by removing any existing finish, if the wood has any previous paint or varnish it’s important to remove it before painting. 

“Then sand the surface to create a smooth and even surface for paint.

"Before painting make sure to sweep away any sanding dust using a tack cloth or a lint-free cloth as this will mix with the paint. Apply a primer and get to painting.”

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