I’m a grown woman with two kids but live in a tiny home in my parents’ garden – it gets me nights off parent-duty | The Sun

A YOUNG mum-of-two built a tiny house in her parents’ back garden but kept her kids’ bedrooms in the main house. 

Giovonni Nicole’s parents’ home sits on a big plot of land.

So that she could have her own space, she got a caravan-style tiny house installed in the garden behind the main home.

The property sits on breezeblocks to keep it above ground level, but is furnished with everything you’d have in a normal-size home.

Giovonni’s unique pad has a similar layout to a studio property.

The bedroom, living room and kitchen are all meshed into one open space.

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The bathroom is sectioned off into its own room with a full shower, toilet and basin. 

As there is only one double bed in the space, her daughter and son sleep in the main house run by her parents in South Carolina, US.

To make up for the distance, her ten-year-old daughter has a pink bedroom with huge built-in wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling shoe racks dedicated to her trainer collection.

Her son is only a toddler but also has a growing collection of shoes to store in the main house.

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Across the garden in the tiny home, the water and sewerage system are connected to the main system. 

Giovonni posted clips of her unique home in a series of TikTok videos which piqued people’s interests.

The property has a Ring doorbell, huge flat screen televisions and an L-shaped sofa. 

“More parents need to be open to this idea,” a fan of the pad commented. 

“This is so cute,” another penned. 

“I would love to live here and stack up all my money and buy a house. 

“What a blessing.”

Giovonni did not reveal how much the tiny home cost her to build as she asserted “prices are different in every area”.

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