I’m a hair whizz and you’ve been washing your locks all wrong, there's a specific order you must follow in the shower | The Sun

WASHING your hair is a no-brainer, or so we thought.

One hair whizz claims that we have all been getting it very wrong and has set the record straight once and for all.

Hair care pro Duygu took to her social media account to share the right way to do it as well as the correct order to use all your products. 

Stepping into the shower whilst dressed in a black and white T-shirt, Duygu first started by drenching her raven mane. 

Squeezing a bottle of white liquid onto the palm of her hand, she explained that the very first step is to use shampoo. 

“Lathe shampoo first,” she wrote over the clip.

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She then picked up a handful of her hair mask and placed it onto the ends of her hair.

Duygu explained that you need to let this “sit for a few minutes” as she clipped her mane up. 

Once this is rinsed out, the hair guru said you need to squeeze out the excess water before using your conditioner. 

In the caption, she added: “Right order = shampoo, hairmask, conditioner”. 

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This isn’t the only helpful hair video Duygu has posted though as she’s also shared lots of information on how to grow your hair out, getting rid of split ends and more.

In one such clip, she revealed why someone might be dealing with the annoying issue of hair snapping easily. 

She made the video in reply to a viewer who commented: “My hair snaps so fast. It’s dry. But I do a lottt of haircare”. 

Duygu then shared several mistakes people make when it comes to looking after their hair, including not oiling the ends regularly. 

“You don’t use a conditioner,” she wrote as the second issue, while the third possibility could be that people shampoo “all of your hair”. 

TikTok user @durgu.cdc continued: “You only wash with steaming hot water, you don’t use a leave in conditioner, you brush your hair vigorously…

“Avoid these mistakes & you’ll see a difference in your hair”. 

In the caption, she further explained: “Hair that snaps easily could be a sign that your hair is lacking moisture. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll notice differences in your hair”. 

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