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IT'S STARTING to get colder but, with the cost of living crisis, no one wants to spend a fortune heating their home.

Many people are choosing to heat one room, rather than the whole house but whether you're doing that with central heating, plug-in heaters or a gas fireplace you’ll want to be sure you maximise on the heat and don't lose any unnecessarily.

The guys over at Good To Know have pulled together some expert tips to keep us as toasty as possible in the winter months.

Upgrade curtains

The first tip is to invest in thermal or blackout curtains as these will help you keep the heat locked in during the winter months.

Senior product manager at Hillarys, Yvonne Keal said: “A thermal lining on curtains creates a cosy insulating layer that can help towards reducing heat loss when your curtains are closed.

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"Pair thermal or blackout linings with naturally thicker curtain fabrics such as velvet to improve the thermal qualities of your curtains even further.” 

These blinds will set you back around £30 – size dependant.

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Seal draughts

Shutting off any draught is a great way to protect the heat in your home.

Make sure you block up any cracks in floors and skirting boards and draught-proof your doors and windows. 

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doors and windows could save about £60 per The Energy Saving Trust suggested that draught proofing could save you as much as £60 a year.

You can draft in a professional – but most of this can be done yourself with the help of YouTube.

Heat yourself

It's the classic line: "heat yourself and not the house," but it's very true.

If you can't afford the heating, focus on surrounding yourself with blankets, layering up and even wearing ski or snow-wear if you own it.

Make sure your hands, feet and head are warm and the rest will follow.

Use radiator reflectors

Radiator reflectors – or even just tin foil reduces heat loss from radiators by reflecting heat back into the room.

These are cheap to buy from places like Amazon but you can always make your own with card and foil.

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Close the doors

Warm air rises because it's not as dense as cold air so you may feel warmer at the top of the house than the bottom.

Make sure you keep doors to your hallway closed if you want to keep the downstairs warm and you could also add a draught excluder for good measure.

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