I'm a lash tech and I’ve seen some horrific things done to clients – here are the worst

A LASH technician has shared videos of the terrible things that have happened to clients’ lashes – and sometimes you can't blame the beautician.

From glue overload to hygiene hell, this lash tech showed off all the most diabolical lashes she’s ever seen – and the brutal impact it can have on clients and their natural lashes.

Ipek is a lash tech who shares videos for beauty fans to see just how bad lash extensions can be if you get them from the wrong beauty professional. 

Hair glue havoc

In a recent video, she showed what it looks like when a beautician uses hair bonding glue when administering lash extensions.

She said: “A client came in for removal today. I was horrified. 

“Extensions applied with hair bonding glue and zero isolation. 

“Look at how sparse her natural lashes are. She came to me like this so the other lashes were probably ripped out.”

In the clip, pictured above, it’s clear that the lashes are stuck together and the glue is a gooey, sticky consistency.

“This should be ILLEGAL!”, she asserted.

Glue overload

In another instance, Ipek showed a client who had had hair bonding glue used to secure eyelashes, but far too much of the glue had been used.

In the video, it’s clear that the client’s lashes are all totally stuck together. 


Commenters were shocked and horrified.

One wrote: “I’m crying, poor girl.”

“Pure negligence. So sad. So glad you could help them”, agreed another.

Though Ipek has seen her fair share of botched lash extensions, she also sees an awful lot of clients who mess up their extensions by themselves.

Hygiene hell

Most often, it’s lack of hygiene that causes clients’ lashes to go wrong – this results in crusty yellow build-up on eye lashes and lids.

In one video, she explained what goes through her mind when she’s cleaning filthy lash extensions.

When she sees crusty, unclean lashes, she thinks: “Why? Why? Girl, I ain’t even got time to remove these and give you a fresh set. 

“Just follow the aftercare! That’s it. I’m retiring early.”

Ipek has an in-depth tutorial on her Tiktok, showing exactly how to clean your lashes so they don’t end up looking dirty and damaging your natural lashes. 

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