I’m a lash tech & my client wanted a pink tint to her extensions, but trolls keep saying it looks like something else | The Sun

GETTING lash extensions fitted is expensive, so you want to make sure they're just right.

And one woman wanted a hint of pink in her lash set to celebrate her birthday.

Lash technician, Jboss Lashes, shared the finished results on her TikTok account.

The full set measures 25mm long, and the lashes reached her eyebrows and even her bottom lashes got a set of extensions.

The voluminous glam set also had a few smaller pink lash extensions inserted to create a 'pink tint.'

She wrote: "I did my client's lashes for her birthday, she wanted a light pink tint. How did I do?"


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And people quickly took to the comments section of the video to reveal what they really thought of the lash set.

One person joked: "I thought you gave her a pink eye infection at first."

Another person commented: "I thought she had really bad reaction or had pink eye."

"At first I thought she had an infection with the pinky/reddish tint," penned a third.

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Others seemed baffled that her client could even see because the lashes were so long, one wrote: "You did good. But can she see?"

Another asked: "WHO DROVE HER HOME AFTER?"

"She'll be flying if she blinks too much," another quipped.

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But others stood up against the trolls and praised the lash tech for her hard work.

"Y'all don't understand how impressive this is for a lash tech. it might not be your style it certainly isn't mine but it's still amazing she did this," added one person.

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