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DRYING laundry outside is not only loads cheaper than using a tumble trying or blasting central heating, but it leaves your clothes smelling fresh.

That said, if you're not carful you could end up wrinkling your favourite clothes – that's why you should follow a few simple rules.

Deyan Dimitrov, founder and CEO of Laundryheap, agreed hanging wet clothes dry outside is the best method.

"The natural breeze and fresh air will swiftly dry your clothes, plus, if the sun’s out it will warm your clothes in the same way as a tumble dryer," he told Express.co.uk.

For the best results you shouldn't chuck all your clothes on the washing line though, in fact heavy jumpers shouldn't be hung up at all, he said.

Instead, lay them on a flat surface and let them dry – this could be a clean garden table or a towel laid on the floor.


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When it comes to hanging out the rest of your clothes you should hang them at "full length" for the best results.

You don't actually even need a washing line do this, a normal clothes horse can be brought outside on warmer days to allow laundry to air dry.

Deyan said: "Hanging your clothes at full length will ensure that air can easily travel through the material, resulting in them drying faster."

This will also make life easier once they're dry since you're less likely to have to iron out creased from where clothes have been folded over the washing line or clothes horse.

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Starting by hanging up heavier items like jeans and jackets and working your way down the line to lighter garments is the best way to dry off clothes, according to the laundry pros at Ace.

Speaking to Express.co.uk they suggested hanging T-shirts and tops from the bottom where there's a straight edge, and hanging trousers from the stop, where they're also stright.

You can even take it a step further and put shirts and tops on hangers to prevent wrinkling and annoying peg marks.

As for larger items like blankets and bedsheets, the pros suggested folding them in half and pegging them to the line on the open ends, rather than in the middle so there are no creases to iron out later.

You can also prevent peg marks in delicate items by using cut up material from old clothes, tea-towels or similar to hang them up – just put the material under the pegs before clipping it on the washing line.

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