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A FASHION expert has shared a few reasons why many women struggle with finding the right outfits for their midsize body type.

The woman used her knowledge and expertise to educate viewers about why it's important to know how to style for their body type.

Midsize guru Emily Lau Kim not only shares a plethora of size 8 to size 16 outfit inspiration videos on her TikTok account, @emilylaukim, but she also shares useful fashion hacks and tips.

Kim uses her social presence to showcase the power of dressing for your body shape.

Body type styling is not a foreign concept as many fashion experts and personal stylists have begun to incorporate that into their techniques.

In one nine-second video, Kim shares two key factors into why certain outfits may not look as good on one midsize woman compared to another.


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The subtitle, "why it's important to know how to style your body type," is written on screen at the start of the video.

Kim is wearing a black floor-length maxi skirt with widespread brown, gold, and purple details and a spaghetti strap green crop top.

She points at the words written above her to emphasize their importance.

The first piece of advice the informative trendsetter tells viewers pertains to the significance of knowing your leg-to-torso ratio.

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She further supports this by baring her midriff and rolling her green crop top under her bust and pushing the maxi skirt low on her hip.

This is meant to exemplify how it personally affects her look in the skirt.

The next notion she drops has to do with rib cage placement.

Knowing whether or not you have a low or high rib cage placement, can play a huge factor in how certain looks appear on a midsize frame.

Kim uses her own body as an example to share details about this.

She once again rolls her shirt up and pulls her maxi skirt up to her waist to display how big a deal rib cage placement is when dressing as a midsize woman.

Her quick video sparked questions in the comment section with many asking for another more in-depth video, some wanting outfit details, and others praising her body-positive content.

"I feel like literally everything looks bad on me, I’m known to have terrible style. WHAT DO I DO!?" one user asked.

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"This is such a good tip. I’m tall with shorter legs and a long torso. If I wear low waisted things I look shorter and frumpy," another wrote.

"my first thought was "wow you're so gorgeous" and then I thought "wait she has a similar body to me!!!" and then I realised wow I'm cute too!!!!!" another praised.

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