I’m a parenting whizz – four things you shouldn't do when a child is having a tantrum, don’t correct it and NEVER laugh | The Sun

IF you are a parent and struggle to deal with your child’s tantrums, fear not, you’ve come to the right place.

Parenting coach Rachael Rogers, known on social media as ‘theconsideratemomma’ has shared her top tips and helpful advice for how to deal with a child that’s having a tantrum.

Rachael regularly shares her parenting tips and tricks to her 1.2million TikTok followers and her latest video has impressed many. 

According to this cycle breaker and parent supporter, you should never ignore your child when they are having a tantrum, and you should also never try to teach them or correct their behaviour during the tantrum.

Rachael took to the video sharing platform and uploaded her advice video with the caption ‘SAVE THIS for the times your child is throwing a tantrum!’ 

She said: “Here are four things not to do when your child is throwing a tantrum.

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“Number one, don’t invalid, laugh at, dismiss or ignore their emotions.

“Doing so can actually stunt emotional growth, which is one of the reasons why we have so many adults walking around who don’t know how to feel, process through and express emotions in healthy ways.

“Instead, we want to soothe our child in this motion and let our child know that all emotions are valid.

“Number two, we don’t want to try to move past or stop emotions quickly. 

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“This also stunts emotional growth and it doesn’t teach a child how to process through their emotions.

“Instead we want to work on expanding our window of tolerance and sitting with our child and providing a safe space for this emotional wave to come and go, because it will.

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“The third thing is a big one – we do not need to aim to teach or correct in the moment of a child’s big emotions, no, no no.

“The reason why is that a child’s dysregulated brain is not connected to logic and reasoning in this moment, so if we try to teach and talk to them, number one, they usually get more angry and escalate even further, and number two, they don’t retain the lesson because their brain literally cannot do it.

“Instead, we wait patiently.

“And lastly, we don’t need to only connect emotionally with our children, we still need to correct their behaviour. 

“But, we need to wait until they are calm, collected and playful and then we can move into the teaching moment and talk with them about ways to handle their big emotions and handle the circumstances in healthier ways in the future.

“And this is how we teach our children to self-correct”. 

Rachael’s video has clearly impressed many, as in just 17 hours, it has racked up a whopping 218.7k views. 

It has 16.1k likes, 349 comments and 2,112 shares.

Parents were grateful for Rachael’s advice and quickly took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “I need this help right now, my just turned 5 year-old has been kicking and screaming lately”. 

Another added: “So so true. and also hard to do in the moment. Practice practice”. 

A third commented: “I'm still working on this but getting better and my daughter is very good at expressing her emotions”. 

Someone else admitted: “I’m really learning about myself as a mumma from your TikToks”. 

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Another was grateful for the advice and expressed: “My toddler has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately.

"This is super helpful as I navigate it!”

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