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WE ALL like to change our look up from time to time.

But one piercer has revealed the four piercings she would never do on her clients – and it's a red flag if your piercer says they will.

Marie, a piercing expert, took to TikTok to share which ones they are.

In the video, she penned: "Piercings I don't offer since I opened my own professional piercing studio."

First on the list were dermal piercings of any kind, which are well known to be rejected by the skin.

Next were horizontal tongue piercings, also known as snake eyes.


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Cheek and dimple piercings were also on Marie's banned list.

Lastly, revealed she would never do a snug piercing which sits in the inner cartilage of the ear.

In the comments section of the post, the expert said anyone that offers snake eye piercings is a total red flag.

"People who DO offer snake eyes should be a red flag," commented one person.

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Marie who is from sunny Australia agreed, writing: "TOTALLY."

Some piercers say that getting a horizontal tongue piercing can cause lots of damage to the teeth and gums.

In another clip, Marie revealed the reason she would never offer a snug piercing.

She said: "Snug piercings are really hard to heal, in the last five years I've been a piercer, I've probably seen one or two fully healed snug piercings."

Marie added that she never does them as she knows it will make her clients' lives difficult as they rarely heal properly.

The video posted to her account @piercingsby_marie has since gone viral with over two million views and over 170k likes.

People were quick to take to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts and praise the piercer for looking after her clients.

One person wrote: "As someone with dimple piercings, I respect this. Most people can’t care for them properly, and understand the risks."

Another commented: "I have dermals and dimples and it was so difficult to find someone to do it. not cool."

"As a piercer, I respect this, good for you," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Dimples never actually heal. You pretty much have open wounds on your face. Never get them."

"Thank god you refuse to do snake eyes! Immediate respect,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Yeah my snug piercing was the biggest mistake ever."

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