I'm a proud basic b***h – I shop in Zara, wear super trendy clothes & get my nails done… but don’t care what you think | The Sun

IT'S become one of the biggest insults in recent months.

But one person who certainly doesn't mind being labelled a basic b***h is Sophie Cooke, who took to her TikTok page to explain the reasons why being one brings her so much joy.

"Ok now I know people take the p**s but nothing brings me more joy than being an absolute basic b***h," she began.

"I’ve just got into my white Fiat 500, I’ve got my b**ody Louis Vuitton chain, I have my Longchamp bag,  wearing a stripy sweatshirt.

"The basic necklace, got my nails done – granted they are not the Hailey Bieber glazed doughnut nails – granted.

"I have an iced latte. Now it’s fall, so I have transitioned from a basic b****h into a basic fall b****h. This is an iced pumpkin spice latte."

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In addition to that, she had just done a shop in Zara, and also couldn't resist splashing out on a pair of the on-trend Ultra Mini UGG boots.

"It does not get more basic b***h than this," she said.

"And I couldn’t be more happy.

"I love Love Island, I couldn’t be more happy to be an absolute basic b***h.

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"It fills me with so much joy."

She added in the video caption: "About to put Taylor swift on my drive home, such a great day."

According to Dictionary.com, a "basic b***h" is a woman "who has predictable or unoriginal style, interests, or behaviour".

In the comments on Sophie's video, numerous others agreed that they're more than happy to be considered a basic b***h as they're enjoying life so much.

"IT'S SO FUN TO BE BASIC," one wrote.

"This is so true though – we’re the happiest gals," another added.

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"Absolutely love this, nothing wrong with being basic because it is a vibe!!!" a third commented.

While someone else laughed: "You do you girl, the joy it brings you is unmatched to anything else! We love to see it."

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