I'm a proud catfish – I even do makeup tutorials to teach others to do the same – people say it's unbelievable | The Sun

COSMETICS are so advanced these days.

From using a little bit of lipstick, to re-painting your whole face, makeup has allowed us to completely take control of exactly how we want to look. 

And now there are such things called catfish tutorials. 

Catfishing is an activity in which a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity of themselves.

One beauty fan has revealed “how to catfish” in a makeup tutorial video.

The 19 year old goes by the name of dolapo on TikTok and has 554k followers. 


I’m 40 & a catfish – people think I’m a Kourtney Kardashian dupe because of it

I’m a catfish queen – people say they feel bad for the ‘poor people’ I trick

Since sharing the video, it has had over 53k likes.

First starts off by filling her eyebrows in before adding concealer around them for extra definition to the shape. 

Then she uses a makeup pencil to define her nose and adds a lighter highlighter to the corners of her eyes, and nose.

She then finishes off by adding liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and adds a white eyeliner pencil to the inside of her eyes, along with mascara on the bottom lash. 

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The video has attracted hundreds of people rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “You're already really pretty with no makeup on! You don’t need makeup, you're way too pretty, I’m jealous.” 

Another added: “Proof lashes massively change your appearance.”

A third said: “You're not catfishing, you're naturally pretty.” 

A fourth wrote: “You’re so pretty with and without makeup omg.” 

Someone else simply stated: "Unbelievable".

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