I’m a size 14 and my friend’s a size 4 – we tried on the same outfits including crop tops | The Sun

FALL fits are even more powerful when they look good in all sizes.

Two friends dressed up in three matching outfits that included one crop top, and they both looked great in all of them.

Feeling confident in an outfit you love evokes a newfound appreciation for your unique self.

And when you can share that confidence with your best friend, it's something special.

The TikTok account @shopmadisonandmallory posted a video of two friends in the same three fall outfits, one is a size 14, and the other is a size 4.

Madison and Mallory is a small online boutique that offers sizes 1 through 15.


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Beginning with a classic and comfy look, the two women change into the $19 Get Moving Leggings, a white crop top, and a blue shacket.

These high-waisted leggings and tiny white tops appear to fit the same on a size L/XL and size small.

Next, the women change into more of a summer-fall transition outfit.

They put on the $32 Better Things Are Coming Relaxed Graphic Tee, a black tennis skirt, and a pair of white boots.

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These graphic tees are the perfect combination of tight-fitting and baggy.

Finally, the two friends try on the $65 Abrina Color Block Henley Top with the $64 Ozzy High Rise Distressed Straight Jeans.

The jeans comfortably hug both women's legs and cuff at the bottom.

Viewers agreed that each woman looked beautiful in all three outfits.

"Gorgeous girls," a supportive fan commented.

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Another had a particular favorite of all the clothing.

"Love the blue shacket on both of you," they wrote.

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