I’m a UK dumpster diver – I live off of waste & have been kicked out of bins but I’ve saved thousands on food & clothes | The Sun

DUMPSTER diving can be a scary concept for some, raiding through bins hoping to hit the jackpot might not seem like everyone's idea of a fun evening.

But with the cost of living crisis still well and truly affecting our weekly shops, it makes sense that some might look elsewhere for their food and save their money.

And one man who goes by the YouTube account, Auditing Waste UK, is on a mission to highlight just how bad waste is in the UK, while saving himself thousands of pounds.

It's thought that the UK throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food annually, and this bin-raider wants to highlight just how bad it is.

Taking to social media, he regularly shares the 'rubbish' he finds across different retailers in the UK – from basic food to kids' toys, Nike clothing and even £200 perfume in Harrods.

In one such video, the dumpster diver, who claims to only raid general waste bins, headed to Dunelm to see what goodies he could hunt for.


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Diving for treasure, he found an unused baking tray, pots and pans, unopened furniture, bathroom bins, and a white woven laundry basket.

But the bin-raider really hit the jackpot at the next bin he decided to jump into.

He found hundreds of packets of Minecraft trading cards hidden in one skip, that he claims were worth thousands of pounds.

And he couldn't believe his luck, as he kept digging to grab boxes of the cars it seemed even more appeared.

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"People are going to say I set this up," he said, adding: "absolutely crazy."

One evening he headed to Harrods to see what goodies he could pick up.

First, he found a bunch of fancy candle holders, however, there was no wax inside.

His luck seemed to diminish but he quickly found two sealed bottled of Ormande Jayne Perfume that retails for £200 each.

But it seems he hasn't always had such good luck when it comes to bin raiding.

In one clip he headed to a Nike store thinking he had found a gold rush of trainer boxes.

But an employee quickly escorted him out and smashed the boxes up before he could get his hands on them.

Although it might have put a novice off, he soon found some more bins he could get stuck in and came out with a whole bunch of new designer clobber and trainers from the same brand.

He's also managed to bag a brand new Lazy Spa hot tub and even bagged lots of delicious food from M&S that would have been thrown out.

Astonishingly, some of the food he found in bins was still in date such as packets of meringues, as well as an entire bin filled with fresh pastries and bread.

He also found heaps of fresh produce like carrots and potatoes and even tinned goods like soup and peas and tomatoes to take back home.

The dumpster diver has found so many goodies going to waste that he's even able to give 90% of what he takes to charities rather than keeping it all to himself.

In the captions of his videos, he writes: "I dumpster dive at general waste bins.

"The items in these bins are not recycled they are sent to landfill and to incineration centres they are not sifted through and sorted by the waste companies collecting them they could not care less about what happens to the items in these bins.

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"Any items that can be recycled or are electrical hazardous waste and metal are placed in these bins wrongly and I remove them and save them from landfill and incineration I stop them damaging the environment and I donate 90% of what I save to charity.

"All the metal that I collect from these bins is sent to scrap yards and all money collected is donated to my chosen charity I do not keep a penny."

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