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A VET has shared tips on what to do if your dog is randomly sick in the morning and when they should be taken to a clinic.

The expert, known as Dr Marcus on TikTok, said pet owners may notice their pooch throw up a "yellow, foamy liquid" when they wake up.

Dr Marcus told his viewers if this happens, it could be down to bilious vomiting syndrome.

It is caused in response to bile-induced inflammation of the stomach and can happen when dogs go long periods of time without eating, as they do overnight.

Dr Marcus said if you notice your dog throwing up sometimes in the morning before carrying on with their day "as if nothing happened", there are a few remedies you can try.

He explained: "You can try feeding smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.

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"Or offer a midnight snack right before bed."

But Dr Marcus warned if your canine continues to be sick in the mornings, you should consult a vet.

He added: "Keep in mind these tips are meant for dogs that are only vomiting very infrequently, once or twice a week.

"If they are vomiting more than that or if they can't keep food down after they eat or drink you should contact your veterinarian more urgently."

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It comes after a vet issued an urgent warning to dog owners over the three daily habits that could be a sign that your pooch needs to go to the vets.

Firstly, the vet @petlabco explained that it's important to pay attention to how much water your dog drinks.

The vet explained: “Number one – drinking a lot or too little.

“If your dog is drinking much more or much less than usual, or urinating less frequently, this could be a sign of digestive issues or even diabetes or kidney disease.

“Take them to your vet asap to get them checked out."

Secondly, the vet stressed the importance of noticing whether your dog has trouble breathing.

The animal whizz added: “Number two – difficult or rapid breathing.

“If your dog pants after exercise or when they're hot, that's totally normal, but if you've noticed your dog is still panting while resting, or after you've cooled them down, this could be a sign of a more serious problem."

Finally, the dog expert explained that changes in your dog's toilet habits could indicate health problems.

The vet continued: “Number three – vomiting or changes in stool.

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“Throwing up or having tummy issues once in a while is totally normal, but if your pup is consistently having trouble keeping their food down or passing normal stool, it could indicate digestive inflammation, a blockage, or even that they ate something poisonous.

“If you notice your pop vomiting or having diarrhoea that won't subside, take them to your vet as soon as you can.”

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