I’m an interior designer and these are the red flags you should be looking for when you visit your date’s home | The Sun

A PRO interior designer has revealed the top red flags you should be on the look for when visiting a date’s home. 

Phoenix Grey took to his social media account to warn people as he said: “Interior design red flags when dating someone new.” 

The very first thing, he said, was to beware if the bathroom is a “toxic wasteland” as it can tell you a great deal about the type of person you’re with.

He said: “This room is a make it or break it for me and tell you a lot about the person. 

“Is there a trash can? Is there soap? Is there lotion? Is there hair everywhere? Does it look like American Psycho?” 

Phoenix then praised a woman on TikTok who he claims has been rating the bathrooms of all the guys she “sleeps with”. 

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“Second red flag is when the room is lit like a nightclub,” he went on while displaying a picture of a living room that had neon lights behind every painting and underneath the couch, too. 

The interior designer continued: “Bad lighting is a sin and the abuse of LED strips everywhere is not as flattering as you think. 

“This also goes for display signs. These LED strips are also going to tear off all the paint you have to remove them. 

“And then they only use their big light and they don’t have accent lighting.”

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The third and final red flag to watch out for is what Phoenix calls cluttered chaos, where there’s open storage space that is full to the brim with stuff. 

He said: “If you have open storage everywhere and you can see absolutely everything everywhere, it’s not a good look.

“It makes everything look messy and way more cluttered. Opt in for closed storage, trust me I’m going to save you on this one.” 

In the caption, he added “So what red flags look green to you when they’re over 6’?” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

In the comments, he also shared: “If you don’t have a waste basket for your guests, this is a punishable offence.” 

And people were quick to comment on the video as one person replied: “Also, for different reasons, but not a single book in sight,” to which TikTok user @mrphoenixgrey responded: “Yes! This is another great one”.

Another person shared: “Dirty sheets, wet towels on the floor, mould on the ceiling…” 

“What if their mattress is on the floor??!!” 

Phoenix replied: “This is a bad offender”. 

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