I'm fat & love flaunting myself in thong bikinis, trolls call me lard a*** and say I'm embarrassing but I'll never stop | The Sun

A SELF-DESCRIBED "fat" woman who loves showing off her curves in thong bikinis has been labelled "embarrassing" by trolls.

April has no qualms about stripping off and proudly displaying her plus-size figure in barely-there swimwear on her social media pages.

But doing so sees her targeted by trolls, who often leave cruel messages on her posts.

In a recent video, she showed herself getting into a bath with rose petals, showing off her curvy derriere in the process.

And trolls were quick to comment on the clip, with one raging: "Gigantic lard a**e gets out of bath".

"Hahhaha, why embarrass yourself?" another added.

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As a third insisted it made them want to "throw up".

But others insisted that April looked incredible in the video, with one gushing: "Now that's beauty!"

"Cheeky girl, curves are simply beautiful," another added.

While a third chimed in: "You are an absolutely stunning beauty".

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April also shared another video in which she gushed about her self-esteem and love of her own body.

Once again wearing a bikini, April's video featured a voiceover which said: "Fat bodies are not a sin.

"What is so scary about a thigh with cellulite?

"What is so terrifying about a stomach that squishes?

"Your softness is not forbidden."

"Fat is ok," she wrote in the caption for the video.

And the majority of people in the comments section agreed with April, and weren't afraid to say so.

"Fat is beautiful! You are beautiful," one insisted.

"Gorgeous babe, I’d take you as my girl any day," another added.

"A woman can be fat and flawless," a third chimed in.

As someone else wrote: "I really like a fat body over a thin body if it's a woman.

"But if it's a man, thin is definitely better."

April also revealed in another video that her size never stops her from attracting people of the opposite sex.

"When people think big girls don't get the guys they want to pull," she wrote over the clip of herself in a brown crop top and shorts.

"I always get what I want," April then added in the voiceover, grinning cheekily while doing so.

And she certainly won't let trolls stop her from showing off her figure on social media – proving just that with countless videos of herself in a bikini.

As well as that, April's fans have shown their support of her by following her page – she currently boasts 104,000 followers on TikTok.

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