I'm plus size and in my 30s – guys a decade younger always hit on me, I've still got it | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE DJ has revealed she still gets hit on by 21-year-old guys – despite being a decade older than then.

Suzie Mac regularly flaunts her curves in figure-hugging outfits on social media and has amassed an army of admirers.

In a recent clip, the dark-haired beauty – from Paisley – danced around in her home as she said it's often younger men who hit on her.

Posting on TikTok (@misssuziemac), she said: "When you are in your 30s and 21 year old's regularly hit on you.

"Still got it."

Suzie, a former child star in Chewin' the Fat, later made it clear she's not interested, adding: "They are wee guys to me."

And social media users have said they're not surprised by the flirting attempts.

One said: "Can’t blame them Suz."

A second added: "No surprise why you are beautiful."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "You're a beautiful girl, talented with a hot bod, age is just a number."

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Suzie earlier revealed people label her work outfits as "inappropriate" and say she has to "cover up" to be taken seriously.

She said: "[It] basically means you’ve to stop being yourself and dressing how you normally would just to fit their narrow minded narrative."

And the defiant DJ has no plans to change her look.

She said: "I’ve been told that a few times by people in the industry so I just ignore them and do the opposite."

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