I'm so beautiful I'm stopped in public & begged for dates – but I'll only date blokes with a disposable income of £100k | The Sun

BEING asked out by a stranger can be a flattering experience, but for Anna Koralev it’s nothing but a chore.

The executive assistant, 42, says that she is constantly approached by men but is forced to bat them off because their bank balance doesn’t meet her requirements.

Here Anna, who lives in London with her son, 7, reveals why she’s only prepared to date the uber rich. She says…

Like most women in my teens and 20s when it came to romance I followed one thing only and that was my heart. I’d fall in love based on chemistry and pursue relationships based on physical connection. 

Fast forward to today and in my early 40s I have a very different attitude.

Life and love has taught me one thing. When it comes to romance I only have one rule and it’s this: to follow the money.

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Of course I want a rich man on my arm. 

I treat myself well and now I want a man to treat me well too. I want to know a man is rich enough to say we’re not splitting the bill.

I want him to pay for everything and that means no more going halves. My money is my money. 

Think I’m crazy? The feedback get from the rich guys I date is that they want to treat women well.

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She is mother to a seven-year-old sonCredit: Supplied

Men don’t want to take a woman out and have her insist on paying or splitting the bill. It is emasculating for them. It’s why guys swerve those types of women. 

Luckily I’m an old-fashioned type of girl. It’s fine for a guy to pay for me.

I know what you're thinking but I’m not a gold digger. I spent years chasing down old fashioned romance – and it didn’t work.

Of course I wanted to genuinely fall in love, get married and do the ‘happily ever after’ bit. 

But with nearly one in two marriages ending in divorce it doesn’t actually work out for most of us women – does it?

In my teens and 20s I was dating the types of men my mum referred to as ‘rubbish’. 

It might sound unkind, but she only ever wanted the best for me. She tried to drill it into me over the years that I have to think about what they can offer me.

Of course I ignored her advice. So during my 20s and early 30s love was all that counted. It meant that when it came to restaurants, rent and bills we’d split them. No man ever paid for me – I always had to pay my way. For some reason I was fine with it. I thought it was normal.

After I gave birth to my son, I ended the relationship with his father. He wasn’t successful and wasn’t ever going to be either. Whereas I was determined to make a success of my life.

I deliberately remained single for the first few years of his life. It gave me time to take stock.

Until I became a mum, I’d never dated a rich man. Yet I was determined that from here on in my son was going to have a good life and I am too.

Now my son is in full time education I’ve resumed my job as an executive PA. My work involves travel. I’ve been to Nice and Monaco five times already this year. I spent a lovely spring weekend in Nice on the beach! In Monaco everything is so convenient too.

But if I am honest I love the South of France for one big reason – so many rich people live there.

In Monaco I finally found myself in a place where I truly felt myself. I was surrounded by the ‘right’ people and it meant my attitude changed too – I even felt rich. 

In London there are areas that just aren’t safe and have a very low vibe. I only want to hang out in places where the energy is good.

Most importantly the men are so different. I got so much attention! It’s all ‘Bonjour Mademoiselle! Where are you from?’ Guys talk to you all the time. 

I’d be sunbathing on the beach on my own during time off and well dressed classy chaps would approach me.

What woman wouldn’t feel valuable and valued when you’re repeatedly told you're beautiful by handsome wealthy men?

Your vibes change too. I realise I’m manifesting these guys towards me by acting differently and feeling beautiful too. I reckon it’s thanks to spending time in places where millionaires live, work and play that’s meant I am attracting a different level of man.

As for the type of earnings he’ll need to have? If we’re talking numbers probably someone who owns his own business and it’s something that doesn’t need him 24/7. 

It’ll be something he’s passionate about and while he’ll have capital in the company he’ll be on £100,000 a year. It’ll be his disposable income.

Recently I’ve become more attracted to mature men. Guys in their 50s and 60s are so nice and intelligent. They know the value of a woman and this perspective really matches with mine. An ideal first date is a fancy restaurant. I love eating out and getting dressed up for dinner with cocktails.

As for the type of life me and my rich guy will have – it’s pretty simple. I want to be busy with my hobbies- I love yoga! – and I’d like the option to work too. 

He needs to be busy with an independent streak. He'll also be easy going and up for travelling. I love spontaneity. Taking off for a two month road trip around the US is my ideal of heaven.

For those who assume such men don’t exist – think on. One guy I’m currently seeing works in the high net worth London property market. He’s rich, owns more than one home and thinks nothing about picking me up in his Porsche and dropping me home.

He has taken me to his cricket club on several occasions. I really enjoyed it because I not only made friends with other women but other single men too. 

This environment felt so right for me. I thrive among rich and successful men – I feel rich too. My mindset changes, it’s like we’re on an equal footing.

As for Mr Cricket we’re not really dating. We got out for dinner and to the club. I’m not really into him but he is very much into me. But it’s good because he’s great for networking and connections. It’s how I can build friendships.

As for those romantic types of women who insisting on following their heart I have this to say to them: Good luck – you’re going to need it! I followed my heart for 20 years and it didn’t work. I’m having a much more fun filled life now I’ve realigned my priorities and looking for a wealthy guy who deserves someone like me.

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