I've found the perfect name for my baby girl – people say I'm setting her up for a lifetime of difficulty, but I love it | The Sun

DECIDING on the perfect baby name can take the length of an entire pregnancy – and in some cases, even longer.

So imagine finally settling on a moniker, only for cruel trolls to say you're setting up your child for a "lifetime of difficulty."

That's the unfortunate scenario that one anonymous mum-to-be found herself in after revealing that she was planning on calling her baby Æli.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained: "Me and my partner are thinking of naming our baby Æli, prounounced Ashley (from the ash tree), but of course the 'ae' will get confused for being said as 'ai'.

You could also say that the 'ai' could work as a decent translation from Japanese since ai means love."

She went onto say that she knows it's a "bit unique" and "different" but hoped it's not "too different" and still sounds "cute."


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The post was inundated with comments, with many agreeing that the choice of spelling would prove a nightmare in the future.

"She will get called ‘Aeli’ and are the first two letters of her name common for use in electronic and paper forms you will need to fill in throughout her life? Is it even allowed at registration?" wrote one.

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A second commented: "But ‘ash’ is the name of the letter/diagraph, not how it’s pronounced.

"It's not ‘different’ and ‘unique’- it’s nonsensical."

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A third penned: "If you like the sound of the name Ashley, just call her Ashley? It will save a lot of time in the long run."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "No one will pronounce that as Ashley – ever. Unless you tell them how to say it. That sound is more like Ellie, I would have thought.

"I also don’t think it’s great to aim for cute when naming a person -just my opinion on that."

A further branded it "B****y awful."

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And one more warned: "You would be setting your child up for a lifetime of difficulty.

"Well, until they changed the spelling to something sensible."

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