I've got dentures and constantly pop them in and out for fun… I get caught doing it & people can’t believe their eyes | The Sun

A WOMAN has admitted her habit of popping her dentures in and out for fun has left her mortified on a number of occasions.

Jordan had to get dentures because her teeth were "too far gone" to save after years of drug addiction.

However, she's become so used to having the fake teeth that she absentmindedly pops them in and out with her tongue at various points during the day.

In a video on her TikTok page, Jordan demonstrated her unique habit.

And she wrote over the top: "Constantly having to remind myself not to play with my dentures!"

Jordan added in the caption: "I've gotten caught so many times doing this!

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"It’s embarrassing every time."

But she was quickly reassured in the comments section that she's not the only one to play with her dentures.

"I do it all the time!" one wrote.

"Omg. I am so glad to see that i am not the only one," another laughed.

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As a third admitted: "I do this without thinking too lol!"

"My nanny used to do that at me, it made me laugh, I miss her," someone else commented.

While another said: "Omg i do this all the time!

"Then realise I AM NOT HOME!"

"I thought you guys use something to stick the dentures to your gums?" someone else asked.

To which another replied: "If they're fitted properly, you don't necessarily need adhesive because there is a suction that is created between the gums and the dentures."

"I have had dentures for 12 years and I have always been uncomfortable with it," someone else praised.

"Thank you for sharing, you really boosted my confidence."

"I'm 37 and just got bottom dentures. they still hurt to wear all the time but i feel so much better!" another wrote.

With Jordan replying: "It’s so much better than the tooth pain and headaches!!!"

"Did you get them removed?" someone else asked.

"And how much?"

To which Jordan said: "Yes I got all of my teeth pulled. I had to.

"They were too far gone.

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"For the procedure and two sets of dentures it was $7500 (£6000)."

"When my grandpa sneezed in front of me at 5 his dentures came out so for years I’d hold my mouth when I sneezed cause I thought my teeth would come out."

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