I’ve got no front teeth – I don’t tell men until midway through a date, if it terrifies them it’s their problem | The Sun

DATING is hard enough as it is – but when you've got no front teeth it can make things a little bit more complicated.

That's exactly what 25-year-old Lily Magno discovered when she began her hunt for a boyfriend.

She got dentures last year after her gums became infected due to a skateboarding accident that happened when she was 13.

Although Lily has fully adjusted to her dentures, they have negatively affected her love life, since she never quite knows when to reveal her gappy smile.

Speaking to Truly, Lily confessed that dating isn't always easy, she said: "People tend to judge me right off the bat, they're either disgusted, or they're shocked."

After being set up on a blind date she decided to leave her dentures in until half way through, and then take them out to eat to see what her perspective beau really thought.

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Lily explained that she wanted her date to "get to know her first as a person before that initial shock."

Usually, if a date reacts negatively to her teeth it shows they're "too immature" for the 25-year-old.

It was all (full) similes for the first half of the date with Jacob, 27, but when their food arrived Lily nonchalantly removed her dentures, much to her dates shock.

Although Jacob didn't say anything at first, he looked shocked as they both dove into their grub.

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"It's almost like one of those situations were someone has food in their teeth and someone wants to be polite and not say anything, that's the reaction I typically get.

"You can see it on their face but they're not saying anything about it," she said.

Eventually, Jacob did bring up the elephant in the room, and asked about Lily's dentures.

Luckily he didn't seem to mind, but Lily hasn't always been so lucky with the reaction to her missing teeth on dates.

"I've gotten a bunch of mixed reactions, I've had someone so disgusted one time that they almost threw up and they ran away from me," she said.

"That was interesting," she added.

Unfortunately, the dating hopeful admitted she's been ruthlessly bullied because of her teeth in the past.

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She receives hate not only from trolls online, but also from people she knows in real life.

Her date with Jacob seemed to be a success however and he didn't seem to be put off by her lack of teeth since they made plans to meet again the weekend after.

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