I’ve saved £40k on my wardrobe but still shop for clothes EVERY day, here are my top tips so you can bag a bargain too

A SELF-CONFESSED shopaholic claims she has saved around £40k on her enormous collection of clothing thanks to bargain hunting.

Glamourous Sophie Lassman, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, orders clothes online every day and enjoys shopping trips at least four times per week.

However, the 31-year-old mum-of-two – who has a huge walk-in wardrobe – is a keen bargain hunter and believes she has saved around £40k by shopping around for bargains and visiting shopping outlets.

Sophie likes to look good for less, so hunts out high-end looking clothing items in high street stores and sales.

She says that she has always had a love for shopping, but her obsession with buying clothes heightened during lockdown as she started making daily online purchases to add a bit of excitement to each day.

The shopaholic has over 200 pairs of shoes, 100 dresses and more than 100 handbags stored in her impressive walk-in wardrobe.

Sophie, a former make-up artist, said: "I have loved fashion and shopping since the age of 10 but I think my shopping habits have just escalated over the years.

"I go shopping at least four times per week and I could easily spend two hours in each shop so it takes me all day to get around all my favourite shops.

"I also do online shopping every day, so I have parcels of clothing arriving daily. I just love it so much, it's something to look forward to every day.

"I think my online shopping really stepped up during the lockdowns because I couldn't get out to the shops so I can to get my fix through shopping on the internet and it has just continued.

"When the postman comes every single day with my parcels my husband, Daniel, 34, isn't massively over the moon about it but he's glad it makes me happy."


Thanks to her shopping experience, Sophie has picked up some shopping hacks that have enabled her to fill her huge walk-in wardrobe while spending as little as possible.

This is what has led her to have saved thousands of pounds over the years, and now she has shared her best tips and tricks.

"I love shopping for bargains and pieces that look high end but don't actually cost that much. My go-to stores for these pieces are Primark, Zara, Bershaka, H&M and ASOS," she said.

"One of my top tips for bargain hunting is to visit TK Maxx. You can find amazing one-off designer pieces for a fraction of the price. I have definitely built my wardrobe up by doing this.

"And also by visiting shopping outlets such a Bicester Village I have been able to pick up some great designer pieces for huge discounted prices."

She says that because she spends so much time in shops, she has been able to pinpoint when the best time to visit certain shops is and when the best sales will be taking place to pick up more bargains.

One of my top tips for bargain hunting is to visit TK Maxx. You can find amazing one-off designer pieces for a fraction of the price. I have definitely built my wardrobe up by doing this.

Sophie added: "To be able to store my ever-growing collection of clothes I have an amazing walk-in wardrobe. It's like my own little sanctuary in my home and it is perfectly organised.

"I have colour coordinated everything. My clothes are my life. They're my babies so I love to keep them beautifully displayed where I can see them.

"Jeans are one of my favourite items of clothing. I've got about thirty pairs.

"And I have a huge amount of basics, like vests, tops, bodysuits, that I can pair with my jeans.

Sophie says that she prefers physically going shopping compared to online because she can actually see the quality of the clothes.

"To make sure that high street items look high end I stick to plainer clothing that is the perfect fit," the 31-year-old said.

"If something doesn't fit well it looks cheaper. I avoid logos and prints and usually stick to a neutral palette."

She has two children, a two-year-old son, and a four-year-old daughter and says that her little girl is following in her footsteps.

Sophie added: "She is just as obsessed with shopping as I am. She will definitely be the exact same as me when she is older I can already tell.

"She loves looking around shops and picking out the clothes she likes.

"She picks out her own outfits every day. It's funny to see how similar we are."

The mother went on to share a cost breakdown of how much she's saved, and she claims to have saved thousands.

"I just love going shopping and fashion so much, and I love it even more because I have saved around £40k on my entire wardrobe so I don't have to feel too guilty about spending crazy amounts of money because I am always on the lookout for amazing bargains," Sophie said.

"I think that I have saved at least £10k on my shoe collection. I also buy a lot of high street dupes of designer handbags so I have at least saved £15k on my bag collection.

"And I believe I have saved around £5k on all of the dresses I own, at least another £5k on my collection of jackets and coats, and around £7k on all my other items such as my variety of tops, trousers, jeans and jumpers."

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