Meghan Markle accused of having ‘American wife syndrome’ over £2.4m Frogmore Cottage revamp

THE Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced backlash this week, after it was revealed their Frogmore Cottage refurb has so far cost taxpayers a whopping £2.4m.

Now, one journalist has accused Meghan of suffering from "American Wife Syndrome" after moving into the "quaint" cottage in Windsor, but upgrading it with luxurious mod cons.

Columnist Allison Pearson explained that "American Wife Syndrome" describes a woman who at first, finds a cottage "quaint" before "razing it to the ground" with renovations.

And writing for the Telegraph, US journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor revealed it's something that she "recognises all too well".

Explaining that Americans are more accustomed to "power showers, underfloor heating, walk-in closets, laundry rooms, indoor gyms, wine cellars, yoga studios and home cinemas" she revealed when she first moved to London, she convinced herself that her husband's flat was "cute and quaint".

"Like many Americans, I put on a brave face, telling myself it was cute and quaint. This went on until I was safely married and my work could truly begin. I became so obsessed with house renovations that I even wrote a How To book, Home UK," she revealed.

Explaining that his-and-her bathrooms, nurseries the size of amusement parks and walk-in closets are "the norm" in the States, Kirwan-Taylor went on to reveal that an American kitchen usually includes a "pizza oven, two or more dishwashers, hot water taps and an industrial cooker that can roast at least two turkeys".

She explained that one American pal has built "indoor tunnels" so her kids could "slide into the kitchen for breakfast".

"The builders I know tell me that their American clients are the most demanding, insisting on seeing spreadsheets of expenses and weekly updates. They also think nothing of summoning their architects and builders at 7 am or 7pm or on weekends – or whenever it suited them," she continued.

Last week, Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan compared Meghan to "a Kardashian" following the refurb.

Speaking to LBC radio, 54-year-old Piers said: "Maybe I'm wrong about her.

"Maybe we'll be back here in 20 years and she's turned out to be a fantastic member of the royal family, but there are a lot of worrying signs.

"Not least doing up their house, £2.5m cost to taxpayers.

"That's the behaviour of a Kardashian, not a member of the Royal family. They've got to be careful."

Royal accounts show work on the couple’s home has so far cost the public far more than original estimates, sparking fury from campaigners.

Their five-bedroom property — a gift from the Queen — is said to have required a “substantial overhaul” before they were able to move in, including new heating, wiring and utilities.

However, officials said the couple did pay for their own “fixtures and fittings”.

The books for all the royals show the monarchy cost the taxpayer £82.2million last year.

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