Mum creates stunning secret Narnia room for her toddler daughter – and you even get to it through a wardrobe – The Sun

A MUM has created the ultimate Narnia-inspired playroom for her toddler – which you access through a wardrobe.

Brittany Gogel, from Canada, decided to create a magical den for her two-year-old daughter under the stairs.

Rather than string up some fairy lights and put a rug down, Brittany pulled out all the stops by making an enchanted wonderland.

The trend for creating unique dens for children is growing in popularity, with this mum making a playhouse for her daughter under the stairs as well. 

To make her own, Brittany took inspiration from classic children’s book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

She customised a fake wardrobe door – complete with coats – as the entrance to the den.

Brittany repurposed the crawl space under her stairs, adding fake grass, decorative wallpaper and even making papier mache trees.

The DIY guru, who runs Brit & Barclay Designs, shared her progress on her blog.

Revealing her plans for the space, she wrote: “It typically stores all our odds and ends and random bits.

“But I believe that storage is meant for the garage, so we’re going to change this up into the perfect playroom for kids.”

She decided to call it the ‘imaginarium’, and used chicken wire, paint, a glue gun, and old Christmas trees to create a woodland vibe.

Brittany wrote: “An Imaginarium is a place of wonder, excitement, and adventure.

“After the stresses of life and adulthood — you know, 'reality' — we should all have a place where we can use our imaginations and be children again.

“My Imaginarium is based on the Chronicles of Narnia, which I grew up reading and have always loved.”

In total she says all the materials cost her £590 ($1,000), aside from the wardrobe which she hired a carpenter to make.

The secret room is now warm and cosy with a reading nook for her daughter.

She told Today: “Most of the time when people ask about the cost, I tell them that a lot of parents take their kids to Disneyland, but I would rather build a small piece of Disneyland here in our own home to get to experience every day.

“It has become a place where adults are invited to play with children.

“We have had everyone from age one to 75 in that room crawling around on the floor and imagining all sorts of crazy things together.”

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