Mum gets son’s grubby white T-shirt sparkling again with FREE cleaning hack – and all you have to do is leave it outside

A mother has revealed a super simple way to get stubborn stains out of a white T-shirt – and it couldn't be easier.

Chelsey Whiston, 27, had tried absolutely everything to remove a stain on her child's favourite Toy Story tee – but none of her usual tricks worked.

However, the T-shirt ended up sparkling again after Chelsey discovered a free and easy cleaning hack.

"My son had spilt his ice lolly down his top and I'd tried everything, including Vanish, Elbow Grease and Pink Stuff cleaning products and nothing removed it," Chelsey explained.

"I came across the sunlight stain remover tip when I posted for help on Facebook. A few people said try sunlight as they heard it removed stains.

"I tried it thinking it really wouldn't work. I washed it, put it on the washing line wet and left it to dry."

She continued telling money-saving community "When I went to get it the stain had actually come out!

"I was very surprised and now do this with all the clothes the kids stain.

"I washed the top then hung it out to dry. If you see it’s just faded and the stain hasn't 100% gone, just try again and hang it back out in the sun.

"For deep stains like grass stains, I have since done this and it's worked!"

Understandably, Chelsey is delighted after discovering the cleaning hack – which will also save her some pennies.

"It has saved me money not only in cleaning products but in replacing the clothes. I would highly recommend it!" she added.

Tom Church, co-founder of, also said: "With the rise in popularity of ‘cleanfluencers’ such as Mrs Hinch, many of us are spending cash on products that promise to keep our homes spotless.

"But some of the best cleaning tips are totally free – such as Chelsey’s genius stain removal trick.

"It couldn’t be more simple and affordable to leave clothes out in the sun and let nature do the hard work!"

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