Mum gives an honest look at her postpartum body as doctors tell her only plastic surgery can fix her belly button | The Sun

A MUM has been praised for sharing an honest look at how her body has changed after pregnancy and childbirth.

Mia took to TikTok to post a video which began with a picture of her showing off her washboard stomach and lithe figure in a bikini.

"This is my body when I was four weeks pregnant," she said.

"I had literally just found out I was pregnant probably like five days before this photo was taken.

"I had a great stomach, loved my body, was very body confident.

"And pregnancy changes things, you know?"

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Holding her baby girl, Mia insisted she "would not change anything for the world".

"But I’ve had two physios tell me that if I want my belly button to look like this again, I need plastic surgery," she said.

"I am not saying my new body is bad – it’s just different.

"I got to 40 + 6, a lot of stretching happens in those last few weeks."

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Mia then lifted up her jumper to show her stomach, as she explained: "I have a three finger ab separation, mild, mild prolapse, and a belly button that will probably never look the same.

"This is just what I’m getting used to, and what things look like after you give birth."

Posting the video on TikTok, she captioned it: "Thought I was gonna be one of those girlies who looked exactly the same pre and post baby but so much stretching happens and my belly button will probably never look the same."

And she was quickly praised for sharing such an honest video.

"Omg it’s so relieving seeing someone else with the same stomach as mine before pregnancy and then the same after!" one wrote.

"So refreshing to see a realistic postpartum body!" another added.

"Your stomach is so flat," a third commented.

"You’re amazing for sharing the realness of motherhood."

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