Mum reveals secret ingredient to get your dishwasher sparkling in MINUTES

DISHWASHERS are a life saving invention, especially if you're a parent and are constantly cleaning up after little ones.

But dishwashers also have a habit of getting pretty gross fairly quickly and let's be honest, luckily one mum has stepped in to show us how to keep on top if it, and her hack is super easy.

Carolina McCauley, mum of two and happily married, shared the genius hack on her Instagram page and it has already been viewed over 150,000 times.

The best bit is that to get your dishwasher squeaky clean you only need to buy ONE magic ingredient for it.

The start of her video shows her dishwasher looking stained, grimy and with limescale buildup.

She asks: "Is your dishwasher a little nasty?"

She then pours in the magic ingredient, 2 tablespoons of Citric Acid into the detergent cup as you normally would and closes the lid.

Carolina then puts the dishwasher on a quick cycle withnothing inside the dishwasher but the Citric Acid.

as she opens the door to reveal her sparkling dishwasher she adds: "Wow, it's so clean."

In the caption she writes: "Use this simple ingredient to make your dishwasher sparkle.

"If your dishwasher is looing a little nasty inside, simply add 2 tbsps of Citric Acid in the detergent cup and run a quick cycle.

"You'll be amazed with the difference!"

Users loved the easy hack and many said they would be trying it soon.

One users comment attracted the most likes and read: "Citric acid is very common and can be found easily on Amazon and is the main ingredient in those expensive dishwasher and washing machine cleaning tablets."

Another user wrote: "Totally trying this! Mine needs a lil love lol."

A third user said: "Yep it is citric acid in my dishwasher tablets."

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