Mums rave about ‘amazing’ collapsible washing basket which is a laundry space-saver

LAUNDRY baskets take up a lot of room, which is why many mums are raving about these "amazing" collapsible versions.

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch is a fan too, and showed off her own collapsible collection on Instagram yesterday – admitting she has "issues".

The plastic baskets allow you to use them as normal for all your washing needs,but they can be folded down to save on space at home.

Mrs Hinch showed off the four items in her collection, including a bucket, laundry basket, dish drainer and colander – and they're all in her trademark grey.

But it seems the washing basket is the most popular among mums, with many dubbing it "genius".

"I was thrilled to find this on Amazon. It's genius!!' one happy customer wrote. "I don't have space for a laundry/wash basket. This is PERFECT!!!"

Although a different brand to Mrs Hinch's version, the Beldray Oval Collapsible Laundry Basket is the number one bestseller in the Laundry Baskets category on Amazon.

It boasts a generous capacity of 27 litres and has easy-to-hold handles too, making it easy to carry around.

Bargain hunters can't look past the budget price either as the basket is currently available for £18.99.

Thrilled with her purchase, another woman said: "Folds completely flat! The quality feels very high standard. There are so many places this could be stored."

  • Beldray Oval Collapsible Laundry Basket, £18.99 from Amazon – buy here

And a third raved: "Strong, good quality collapsible laundry basket."

Other mums can't look past the space-saving ability.

"This is such a handy product," one person said. "We have finally been able to switch out our other laundry basket, which took up so much space. This one can be easily stored to the side of our washing machine."

Another agreed, writing: 'This laundry basket is an amazing space-saver as folds almost completely flat and can slide in nice thin spaces."

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