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A MUM was left baffled after she picked her baby up from her childminder’s to discover they had taped her socks to her feet.

Taking to TikTok, one mum shared a video of her daughter sitting in her car seat, panning down to her feet which are covered in masking tape to stop her socks from sliding off.

Captioning the video, she wrote: "When the ladies at daycare are tired of putting socks on your baby because she won’t leave them on"

The video has since gone viral, amassing more than 4.5 million views since it was uploaded.

The video divided parents, with many outraged that the daycare would resort to such measures.

“I would get fired if I did something like this,” wrote one daycare worker, with another adding, “uh…no. I'm a preschool teacher and we would never do this.”


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Another agreed, adding: “It's very dangerous to do this. Babies can tear bits off and swallow the tape.”

A fourth added: “Uummmm No … It's a Violation Of A Child's Rights According To Licensing Regulations .. What if she chokes on the tape.”

However, others argued it was totally harmless and wish they had thought of it themselves.

"As a daycare worker, this is hysterical!" wrote one person. "We do this. Wait until you see how we get shoes to stay on. haha."

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Another added, "I wouldn't even be mad, I'd be like why didn't I think of this?"

Recently a mum was shamed for putting her baby in the sink so she can get on with household chores.

A TikTok user called TheMiniBoss says she’s nailed her daily routine – all she has to do is put her baby in the kitchen sink.

Posting to her social media page, she captions the clip: “Multitasking at its finest.” 

In the video, viewers get a view of the woman’s kitchen as she tinkers around doing different jobs. 

TheMiniBoss wears a crop top and comfy trousers as she sorts out her cutlery drawer and empties the dishwasher.

The text reads: “New moms – wash your baby in the sink so you can clean your kitchen while they can have sensory time.”

While she does her chores, her baby splashes around in the kitchen sink.

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The little boy sits in a special baby bath chair with a muslin cloth over his body. 

He’s got a big smile on his face as he thrashes his little feet around in the shallow water. 

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