My man got a personalised number plate for my car, people think it says something VERY different but he can’t see it

A WOMAN was left baffled when her boyfriend bought her a personalised number plate for her car, but it appeared to say something very different to her name.

Sally Ann took to TikTok to reveal the faux pas, as she explained: "It’s meant to say Sally Ann because that’s what my name is.

"It’s spelt SALLY ANN."

Due to number plate regulations, it couldn't have the entire name in it, so is missing one L and one N from SALLY ANN.

"I’ve had a lot of people say it doesn’t look like Sally Ann, it looks like ‘Satan’," she sighed.

"So I’m going to show you and then leave in the comments what you think it looks like because my boyfriend can’t see it."

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People in the comments section were quick to agree that the number plate looked more like it said Satan than Sally Ann.

"I love it but deffo satan," one wrote.

While another added: "he did that on purpose!"

Others insisted that the number plate is illegal due to its spacing, prompting Sally Ann to return to the comments to set the record straight.

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"Thanks everyone for the concern on a fine.. " she said.

"I’ve had this plate for 3/4 years now.

"This video has already been uploaded once! I’m more than grateful.

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"I’m engaged to him now and we also have a baby.

"PS- I HAVENT had a fine (as of yet) and also it’s passed it’s MOT fine."

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