My neighbor took a sledge hammer to my fence for a stupid reason – now everyone's calling her a crazy Karen | The Sun

AN upset woman has shocked the whole neighborhood after taking a sledge hammer to a fence.

She justified the attack by alleging that it was wrongfully attached to her fence.

TikTok user uploaded the ordeal to the social media platform.

"This crazy neighbor didn't like that this fence post was attached to her fence so she began to tear it down with a sledge hammer," the narrator said in the video.

"Realize you're going to pay for that?" the fence owner told the woman.

"You realize you're going to fix mine you dumb [curse word]?" the woman quipped.

"Now you're really going to damage your fence," the neighbor said as the woman hit it harder with her sledge hammer.

"Crazy Karen knocking down neighbor's fence," the caption read.

The video came as summer lovers post their backyard spaces.

Many people are choosing to erect privacy fences to enjoy some fun in the sun.

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With the rise in popularity of DIY home transformations, sometimes problems can arise.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"We all need to pray for her husband," one wrote.

"Why are people like that?" another added.

Others disputed whether or not any fence rules had been broken.

"I believe in these housing developments the fence lines are shared assets separating shared property lines," a third observed.

"You can't attach your fence to another's," yet another commented.

"Wait, if it’s attached to her fence then she’s not wrong to be upset," one more said.

Fences can be illegal if they're built outside of property lines into another's yard, which is why it's important to check with your neighbor to avoid any disputes.

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