My neighbour wrote over someone’s car & threatened to tow anyone who parks in 'his' space again – but he’s in the wrong | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left stunned by a man who lives in her apartment building, who has been threatening to tow anybody who parks in "his" space.

She took to Reddit to explain the situation, and shared a picture of what the man had written all over a car who had dared to park in the space – despite the fact that the entire lot is unreserved.

"This neighbour at my apartment who is threatening to tow anyone who parks in their unreserved spot," she wrote.

In the pictures, a grey car was seen with "Do not park", "do not park" scrawled across one side of the windows in what looked like pink paint pen.

On the other windows, he'd written "I will tow".

"Did they buy the spots around them? Otherwise I would definitely park," one person commented.

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To which the woman replied: "You can't buy spots at my apartment.

"You can pay for a garage, but that's it."

"Park in the spot next to it but slightly over the line or super close so they can't get in that spot," another suggested.

"This happened to a friend of mine once," a third commented.

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"She called the building manager and the building manager made the tenant come don’t and wash her car."

"I have an unreserved spot," someone else wrote.

"I get comically mad when someone parks in it.

"To actually get mad is so entitled and absurd."

The woman then complained to the manager of her apartment building, who sent an email out to all the residents.

"I just wanted to remind you all that we do not have reserved resident parking," the email read.

"There is a designated area for guest parking and a designated area for resident parking.

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"Other than that, there are no reserved spaces for specific apartments, buildings or residents.

"If you’d like to rent a garage space, you are mote than welcome to shoot us an email to let us know and we’ll add you to the waitlist."

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