My sister is fuming after I laughed at the name she picked for her daughter, it’s super old-fashioned & crazy for a baby | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left raging after her sister laughed at her baby name choice for her daughter.

The sister, who is now being ignored because of her reaction took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong.

The anonymous woman revealed her 25-year-old sister and mum-to-be was eight months pregnant and decided to wait until she was almost full-term to tell her family her daughter's name.

But when she revealed the baby name, her younger sister couldn't help but burst out laughing.

In the post, she revealed her sister had picked the moniker, Deborah.

She added: "I have a sister and she is eight months pregnant. She waited until later in her pregnancy to talk publicly to our family about what she is going to name her daughter.


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"My sister is quite traditional, and honestly thinking back on it the name she chose isn't surprising to me.

"So, my mum, dad, sister, her husband and my grandma were all at my parents' house and my sister was talking about her pregnancy and what her daughter's name would be.

"She said she's gonna name her 'Deborah', my grandma loves the name and my parents like it too but I started laughing, unfortunately.

"My sister immediately called me out and asked me what was funny, and I asked her if she was gonna really name her baby that."

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The woman revealed that she thought it was crazy to name a baby Deborah and refused to apologise for laughing.

She continued: "My grandma stepped in and said it's a pretty name and that it's better than 'modern kids' names'.

"My mum was p***ed off at me and made me apologise to my sister but I was so surprised at the name that I refused to apologise."

Her sister is refusing to speak to her while her mum is trying to persuade her to apologise.

"Now my sister isn't talking to me right now, and I've tried reaching out to her multiple times, but nothing," she added.

"My mum keeps trying to have me apologise to her, but seriously that name for a baby is crazy to me."

Despite standing her ground, many Reddit users revealed she was in the wrong and rude.

One wrote: "You apparently recognise on some level that your laughter was out of place, yet you refused to apologise."

Another person commented: "What a rude way to react to a perfectly normal name."

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"Do you hate the name, because you can be the only Debbie Downer in the family?" penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I could maybe give you a pass because we can't always control our reactions. However, instead of apologising, you doubled down and asked her if she was really naming her child that. The name is not humiliating or outlandish. It was cruel of you to do this, and on top of it, she's dealing with pregnancy hormones. Be a better person."

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