Our neighbours got so drunk they had fireworks going on until 1am…but our revenge means they’ll never do it again | The Sun

A COUPLE have shared the drastic measures they took to ensure their loud neighbours wouldn't ruin their sleep with fireworks ever again.

The duo took to TikTok to reveal the solution, after their neighbours had loud fireworks blasting until 1am in the early hours of the morning.

According to the couple, believed to be from the US, the neighbours had enjoyed a bit too much booze and ended up ''drunk''.

Perhaps unaware of the time, they then set of fireworks at night – and this, the couple claimed in the video, lasted until 1am.

Needless to say, the duo, avid pet lovers, were not too pleased with this – and decided to take revenge the following morning.

After waking up from a disrupted sleep, the man and the woman took things to the next level with their own fireworks – in the form of two dogs.


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As the two were enjoying a relaxing morning swim in their massive pool, both of their pets, Annabelle and Normal, could be seen barking in the background with full force.

The couple gave a cheeky smile and wrote in the caption: ''How’s that hangover working for you?''

Posted just two days ago, the video has already gone viral, winning their social media page a whopping 5.2million views.

''This is just fantastic!'' one couldn't get over how genius the response was.

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Another also praised the two, writing: ''damn straight!''

A mum chimed in: ''I told my husband I was sending my little ones out to bang pots and pans for keeping us all up until 1 am.''

Someone else wrote: ''Gotta say after being up til midnight with my 2 year old husband let the dog out at 4am and started mowing the grass at 5am.''

''This right here is brilliant,'' a viewer also loved the idea.

A pet owner chuckled: ''We have four Dobies! Payback today is awesome!!! Pretty babies you have.''

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