Panicked mum rushes son to A&E after spotting 'hole' in his mouth – then realises her awkward blunder

AS a mum of three boys, Becky Stiles thought she'd seen it all.

But earlier this week, the 24-year-old, from Essex, got the fright of her life when she spotted a "hole" in her son Harvey's mouth.

As she laid her 10-month-old down to change his nappy, Becky noticed a dark circle on the roof of his mouth – and understandably, started to panic.

She explained: "I tried to touch it but he just screamed at me, so I made his dad rush over and see it. 

"I’m shaking, sweating and holding back the tears. We put a torch on it and his dad said, ‘What the hell is that?’"

Naturally, Becky's first instinct was to call her mum for advice – and she told her daughter to get in touch with 111.

But as she was waiting on the line, Becky's dad said she should take Harvey straight to A&E to get it checked out.

She continued: "So we dropped the two oldest kids off to their grandparents and made the 30 minute drive to our closest A&E hospital.

When they arrived, Becky explained the situation to the person at reception and there was talk of immediately referring Harvey to a specialist.

But it was only when a nurse managed to take a closer look at the "hole" that Becky realised her awkward blunder.

The mum continued: "One nurse said let me just get my pen torch and have a look. 

“After about 30 seconds of looking she said 'That's a sticker'. Me being an idiot told her, ‘No look that's a hole’.

“She put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out. I laughed, was shaking and so embarrassed."

Although Becky was mortified by the situation, the medical team found the whole thing hilarious – and even Harvey had a right laugh too.

In the car I had to swallow my pride even more AND make all the phone calls again to let everyone know Harvey didn't in fact have a hole in his mouth. He had taken a liking to stickers…

She continued: "I told her I felt like a right p**t, and that if Covid wasn't a thing, I would hug her.

“She replied with, 'Well I've never fixed a cleft palate at A&E doors before'

“We all carried on laughing as we made the walk of shame back to the car."

To make matters worse,Becky had told both sides of the family about the "hole" in Harvey's mouth.

“In the car I had to swallow my pride even more AND make all the phone calls again to let everyone know Harvey didn't in fact have a hole in his mouth," she said. "He had taken a liking to stickers…”


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