Paris Fury reveals chaos of getting ready for holiday with seven kids – and the 190 socks are just the start | The Sun

WHEN you’ve got seven kids and a famous boxer husband, life can certainly be a bit chaotic at times. 

Paris Fury has revealed the mammoth task she has when she packs for some time away with Tyson Fury and their huge family.

Paris, 33, and Tyson, 35, are parents to Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 11, Prince Tyson II, seven, Valencia, five, Prince Adonis, four, Athena, two, and newborn son Prince Rico Paris, who arrived in September.

The glamorous mum told podcast host Rob Moore: “If I’m laying out four lots of clothes, I may as well lay out five, six, seven.

“It’s all there. 

“If I go on holiday I’ve got to pack in next to no time as everything we do is last minute.”

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Paris, who recently starred with her family in a Netflix show At Home With the Furys, also revealed the staggering amount of clothes she has to find to put in suitcases.

She continued: “There’s nine of us in my family now and then say we go for 10 days, that's 90 pairs of underpants.

“That’s 180 pairs of socks.”

Amazed, host Rob said: “I’ve never thought of it like that.”

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Paris replied: “Everything has to be regimental and I usually try and fit it in three cases.”

When asked who spends the most money in their household, the mum-of-seven said it would be her as she “runs the home.”

She explained: “I pay all the bills and do all the organisation, do the shopping, do the food.”

Paris said her boxing champion husband would buy her expensive gifts like Chanel bags after a fight.

Rob joked: “Probably to butter you up to do another one”, to which Paris laughed: “Probably.”

Despite this, the relatable mum said that they still go bargain hunting in Aldi and Asda, despite Tyson having a whopping £43million in his bank account last year.

The Gypsy King wants his children to grow up working for their fortune and has made sure to normalise their lives as much as possible.

Fury previously said: “For me it's very important to stay close to my grassroots as I've got a lot of kids coming up, I've got five kids, very important for them to know the value of money.

“It's very important for them to know how to earn money. So, if they see me splashing out all the time and living a movie stars' lifestyle they grow up thinking that's the only way they can live.

“To earn from a normal job, £200-300-a-week, however much they're going to get, they might think that's no good if they've been spoiled rotten by multi-millionaire parents.

“So I don't do that. My kids don't go to private school, I don't have any private education, they just go to normal school, everyone does normal stuff.”

The couple got married in 2008 after three years of dating in front of 400 guests.

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