People are only just realising there are hidden letters in a common hand signal and it's blowing their minds | The Sun

PEOPLE have been left gobsmacked after discovering hidden letters in a commonly used hand signal.

One person took to TikTok to share their amazing discovery, writing: "I just realised the 'OK' hand sign actually spells out OK."

They then turned the image of someone doing the OK sign slightly around, and drew on the "O", on the circle of the two fingers, and the "K" on the other three fingers.

In the comments section, people were equally stunned by the revelation, with one writing: "IT'S AN OK!?"

"tbh I didn't know this!" another added.

"WHAT?" someone else asked.

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"I didn't know!" a fourth admitted.

While another wrote: "OMG".

But others insisted they'd known about the hidden letters for years.

"I thought everyone knew it," one wrote.

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"No way people didnt know," another added.

While a third asked: "How the heck do y'all not know that?"

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"You only realised that now?" someone else questioned.

As another commented: "It's not called the ok sign for no reason."

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