People call me ‘disgusting’ as I sleep with makeup & pile more on when I wake up – it lets me have more kip | The Sun

NO matter how tired, or drunk, you may be, there's one rule we always have to follow – removing make-up at the end of the night.

However, one woman, Leanne Savannah, was recently labelled ''disgusting'' after revealing she skips this essential skincare step and just heads straight to sleep.

The stunner, from the UK, said one time after getting home in the early hours of the morning, she realised she didn't have enough time to do her beauty regime, as her alarm was set to go off in just three hours.

''I got home at 2am and had to rush for a shoot at 5am, so something had to give – and that was my skincare routine.''

Although Leanne did realise this was ''disgusting'', she decided to look past it – as long as she was getting extra time in bed, sleeping with a full face of make-up didn't seem that bad.

Once it was time to get up, the stunner dashed out of the house, grabbing her heavy make-up bag and simply topped up whatever needed fixing.

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To make sure she looked extra rested, the young woman went over with a new layer of concealer under her eyes, bronzed ''the hell'' out of her face and ''lots and lots'' of powder to set it.

But while some beauty experts might cry at the fact Leanne hadn't removed the make-up from the night before, she seemed all chuffed with the results.

Posing for a selfie, the stunner said: ''You could not tell that I slept in that make-up.

''I'm lucky that my skin doesn't really react to things like this – as long as it's not, like, super regular.''

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But while it may seem totally harmless – and even Kim Kardashian recently said she went to bed with piles of cakey make-up – experts have warned against this big skincare error, as it can lead to premature ageing.

According to dermatologists, having make-up on in your sleep prevents the skin from much-needed renewal, resulting in healthy collagen breaking down.

They explained that light is unable to reflect off the skin, making your skin appear old and rough. As make-up interrupts cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles can occur.

Social media users, too, were totally baffled by the ''disgusting'' habit, as they raced to slam Leanne, who calls herself ''the queen of make-up on the go''.

''This is so disgusting how can you not wash your face ??'' one exclaimed in sheer horror.

''Sorry this is disgusting no way,'' another couldn't believe their eyes.

''This must’ve felt so nasty,'' someone else chimed in.

A fourth penned: ''My skin would be screaming.''

After taking the internet by storm and being mocked, the beauty fanatic posted a clip hitting back at the meanies.

''If you think that's disgusting, you definitely would wanna stay away from me,'' Leanne said in the follow-up video.

''That's not even on the top 10 of nasty stuff done.''

Stunned, Leanne – who clarified that she had showered, just not washed her face – wondered if if she was the only one to do this.

''Has no one ever done that before? I'm so confused.

''I didn't run a marathon, I wasn't doing pool and track.

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''I just went to go sit in the lounge, drink, and have fun.

''Do you really think that I was about to do my whole five-step skincare routine?''

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