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A BODY language experts says Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis exhibited signs of "confidence" while all three appeared "eager to learn" as they spoke publicly for the first time in a video message to David Attenborough.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's kids quizzed David Attenborough over his favourite animals and the environment in a sweet clip released today.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, body language expert Judi James said the trio's personalities shone through, while all three seemed assertive as they addressed the naturalist.

Judi said the royals put on a "confident, focused, enthusiastic" display during Tuesday's summit, adding that the trio were "clearly keen to learn".

She added: "George, Charlotte and Louis have made these remarkable videos where each display a new facet of their personalities as we hear them talking for the first time."

Judi explained each of the three young royals were able to "take ownership" of their own questions, while remaining natural on camera.

She added that they didn't sound "rehearsed or forced," but their differing body language "suggests three different personalities".

In the video, eldest Prince Geroge spoke first, asking the TV favourite: "Hello David Attenborough, what animal do you think will become extinct next?"

According to Judi, George has shaken off his former shy posture and now exhibits mannerisms of a traditional royal.

She said: "George shows none of his usual shyness, talking straight into camera with no fluffs of Attenborough 's name.

"He pushes his arms into his sides in a gesture of emphasis and then clasps his hands behind his back in a very traditional royal manner."

Next up was Charlotte, who asked Attenborough whether he was a fan of spiders.

The young royal  was followed by Louis, who stole the show, according to Judi.
Judi said: "Charlotte holds her hands in front to ask her very serious question about spiders but it's Louis who looks like the most confident TV performer here, taking a deep breath and opening his mouth wide to shout out his question with maximum enthusiasm."

The video is markedly the most we have heard from the young royals, who were filmed earlier this year clapping for the NHS.

Last year, Princess Charlotte was heard exclaiming "oo la la" as she explored mum Kate Middleton's Back to Nature ­garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

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